"Among the ideas floated for the private-sector version of SunLITE were some vendors at different locations, a possible scavenger hunt around the downtown area, and a possible drive-in movie, for example. For its part, Trimper’s Rides would like to utilize the same footprint for the farmer’s market it ran for much of the summer for various special events over the course of a couple of weekends. The recommendation was to facilitate the private sector special events, including the downtown association, the OCDC and Trimper’s, for example, while not hosting an official SunLITE event produced and sanctioned by the town.

“There is plenty of opportunity still for 2020,” said Frank Miller. “We can help clear the way for the downtown association and Trimper’s, for example, to produce their own events. Normally, those would have to go through the private event process, but there isn’t time, so we can streamline that process and issue permits as long as the directives are met.”"

-The Dispatch 9/2/2020